Fall DIY Wooden Pallet Fundraiser

October 30, 2016 we held our first DIY Wooden Pallet Fundraiser at the Issac Taylor Gardens in downtown New Bern, NC.


Let me give a bit of background on what it takes to host one of these events. First you have to gather pallets. Then you have to carefully take apart all the pallets. The next step is taking that wood and putting back together in a way that creates a sign. You know those awesome signs you see all over Pinterest. Now if you have a husband like mine (a little OCD) then everything has to be aligned and measured out just right. I’m sure there is a reason you can’t just eyeball where the back board to the sign need to be but honestly at the time, I couldn’t see the reason. All I saw…it taking forever to out together a sign. Now those of you who got a sign that is all aligned and measured out, thank my husband. Enough of those boring details.


I wanted to share a few pictures from our event with you and give you some exciting news.


SO many people asked if we would do another pallet fundraiser so we prayed about and we felt the okay to say, YES!! So December 10, 2016 we are hosting another Pallet Fundraiser in New Bern. This even will be indoors so need to worry about being cold. We will have plenty of treat and our church coffee bar will open for service. If you check out the event page you will find a lot of ideas for pallets as well as small disc that we will have. You can also go ahead and purchase your tickets to the event. We have something for just about everyone. If you wanted to take small gifts to give out, buy some of the disc and paint them it would cost you just $2 a gift. These type of gifts mean much more than any store bought gift, these type of gifts come from the heart.


Are you ready to get your tickets for our next event?

Here is the link: duboisfamilymissions.wordpress.com/paint-party-diy-fall-decor

Looking forward to seeing you!


Tina DuBois


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