Thrive Rescue

Thrive is a dedicated nonprofit organization that is committed to the rescue and aftercare of those trapped in human trafficking. Thrive maintains 3 homes for children who have been rescued from the horrors of human trafficking.

Thrive Rescue  partners with professional investigative teams that are actively rescuing children from brothels, red light districts, private brothels and sex slavery or sexually abusive situations. We work closely with these teams providing tips, investigative information, follow-up and act as a safe placement for aftercare as a rescue progresses. We partner with investigators who commit to working with local law enforcement so that the survivor is treated with dignity and care and the perpetrators are prosecuted according to local laws.

“We believe that rescue is not a one off event, but a collaborative effort made possible through prevention, rescue and holistic aftercare.”

Thrive is committed to working closely with our investigative partner organizations, government agencies and other NGO’s to rescue children that have been sexually trafficked or exploited.

Meet the founders

Learn more about Thrive here

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