Comfort Zone


Have you ever wondered what if? What if I would have___________, you fill in the blank. I know I use to live in what if all the time, until I started listening to God. Well, to be honest I still ask this question, WHAT IF? What if Joshua and I had only listened to the Lord sooner? What if we would have done x, y, and z a little bit differently? What kind of change would that have brought into our life? Here is my answer.


Okay, now that I cleared the air a bit, let’s start over.

Our family is serving in Thailand in one of the hardest (spiritually, physically, and emotionally) places I have ever lived or thought of visiting. There are days when we want to give up and move back home. Days where I just want a taco from Taco Bell – is that too much to ask for? I think not.


God is showing up daily. He is showing up in some of the craziest ways. This is a place where you cannot put God in a box. God is showing me (Tina) many things about His plans for Thailand, not my own. I am learning what it means to truly surrender it all to Him, the author and maker of ALL creation. God is giving me His eyes to see His people. That includes not only those being trafficked but those who are traffickers themselves. They are ALL God’s people. Remember, John 3:16, “For God so loved the WORLD, that He gave His Only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (Emphasis added by Tina) This kind of love can break any and all chains of bondage. This kind of love leads people to repent. This kind of love sets people FREE.

You might be asking how does this relate to getting out of your comfort zone? Knowing this kind of LOVE gets you out of your comfort zone and moving into the calling that GOD, Himself has placed on your life. This love has the power to change the world – so my question is why are you still the same? Did that shock you? Because it did me as well. Why are we the same? Why are we not setting the example for those to follow? Why are people not following us around asking for what we have? WHY?? Simple answer, we don’t even know what we have.


Yes- you may see my coffee shop pictures on our personal Facebook page, but what you don’t see is the eyes of the women we sit and talk with in the bars or the eyes of the children we have in our safe homes. These eyes and faces are wounded and desperate for the freedom that you and I walk in daily. They are crying out for LOVE – the same love that John 3:16 speaks about. We have this love – can we give it away? Like all of it! Stop holding it in for yourself and release it. Struggling with knowing God’s love? Find someone in your local area to sit with you and share this love with you. Can’t find someone? Call me, text me, e-mail me and we will talk about the greatest love you’ve even known.

The picture above is just one example of leaving my comfort zone behind in America to serve this wonderful people group. We left behind every bit of comfort to serve and follow Him who sent us. What are you willing to do?

Much Love,

Tina DuBois

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Hungry, hungry, I so hungry

Where do I begin? There is so much to share about our time here in Thailand. I could honestly go on and on about what we are experiencing and seeing here. What I really want to share today though is about a recent experience that I had. Can I just be real and transparent with y’all for a few? Let me give you a little background first. Here in the area that we live and minister there is a lot of poverty. There are beggars and homeless people everywhere. There are honestly so many needs it is hard to determine where to begin. There are lot of people though who beg for money as a career. They don’t really need it but they act as if they do. We have been told by several other “seasoned” missionaries to not give money to anyone. So that gets me to my recent experience that I want to share with you. Tina and I had finished shopping and were loading the groceries into our car. As I am in the middle of putting things into the trunk a young girl walked up to me. She was obviously dirty and appeared to be in need.


She was rubbing her stomach and kept saying, “hungry, hungry, I so hungry.” She spoke very little English and we speak very little Thai.

I told her I was sorry and that I didn’t have anything. She then slowly began to walk away and then sat down on the curb nearby. As I saw her walk away I stood there knowing I had money in my pocket. I was seriously convicted. Everything I had been taught and told by these “seasoned and experienced” missionaries told me not to give her anything.



As I stood there I kept asking myself, what would Jesus do? I have read and reread God’s Word. I have studied it over and over. Not once in my studies though do I find where Jesus held back anything from those in need. There is not a single Scripture that says not to give those in need. As I am standing there with a million thoughts running through my mind, my wife then steps into action. Tina walked over and gave this young woman some money to go buy food. I observed from a few feet away. The young woman just began to sob. She was overjoyed with thankfulness. I wondered how many other people had rejected her and told her no. Was this the only meal she would eat today? How did she end up in this situation? I had so many thoughts going on. In the grand scheme of things, the amount of money was insignificant. There is no telling what I would have spent it on if I had kept it. At that moment though I knew that we just invested into something priceless.

As Tina and I drove away we were both in tears. I was struggling with how to handle this. I have been very blessed. God has shown up in our finances in more ways and times that I can count. I have never gone without. Everything we have is because God gave it to us. I immediately made a decision. It didn’t matter what others did or didn’t do. I knew what I would do. Yes, I will listen to the advice of those who have gone before me and plowed the path but in this moment I am not afraid to go against the grain. I will gladly give money away every day if it means someone can enjoy a hot meal. A few dollars here and there is not going to hurt me. Yes, I may have to skip a few fast food meals or skip getting coffee out. Does that stuff even matter though? I honestly say it would probably benefit me to skip the meals anyway.

So anyways that’s where I am at right now. There is so much need and many turn away from it. Many people (including missionaries and ministries) justify why they don’t or won’t do anything. I know that inaction is not going to solve anything though. It is time we truly be the hands and feet of Jesus. It is time we truly to begin to walk as ambassadors of the Kingdom.

Matthew 25:40 states, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Then it goes on in Matthew 25: 45 to state, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” Do you want to be known for action or inaction? James 2:15-16 states, “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?”

It is time  for the body of Christ rise up. It is time we put our faith into action. It is time we truly start being the church.

Be Blessed ~Joshua

We Made It


Made it to Thailand. Waiting on Bags.

First of all, we want to thank each and every one of you all who were praying for us during our travels.

Our travels were not easy, but we made it. We made it to Raleigh airport and rushed to get checked in, just to be told that our flight was delayed which meant we would miss our connecting flight from Atlanta to Chicago. After many phone calls with Delta we were told there was nothing they could do, but to send us to Milwaukee (60ish miles from Chicago). We kept praying that would not be necessary. We finally departed Raleigh and landed in Atlanta with 15 minutes to spare but could not get off the plane in time to make our connecting flight. From Milwaukee, we could rent a car and drive to Chicago to make our connecting flight in the morning for Thailand. So that is what we did. Once in Milwaukee, only 2 out of our 5 bags arrived with us (the other bags did catch up with us and made it to Thailand with us). Once we checked into Chicago the following morning all flights went well until we reached Thailand. Thailand is known to rain a lot, but it does not normally have thunder and lighting. Well, it did the night we came in. So much the airport lost power (came back on before we landed) Praise the Lord we made it through immigration. One of the missionaries who picked us up said he has been in Thailand for 12 years and it was the worst storm he has seen. What affected us the most was getting our bags (it took 2 hours due to the power outage). It was nice to be able to come straight to our home and not a hotel.

18765129_10208925628038061_856948302_o     18767071_10208925628398070_299822641_o

85/4 Moo 5

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The morning after we arrived we went to meet some of the staff and the Justice School students. We were also able to meet some of the Thai police that Joshua will be working with. Joshua was also able to meet the FBI director that works in Bangkok.

This is a patch from the FBI director.

We have also been out to the store to do some shopping for the house and get food. This is not an easy task. I’ll show some pictures so you understand my (Tina’s struggle).

18767137_10208925631998160_1662435288_o (2)18767216_10208925635198240_1024437009_o (2)








Yep! That is raw meat that you get to pick out. Some people use their hands, some use the bag, and me (Tina) used my husband (he used tongs). Chicken and pork seem to be the only meat we could find, besides seafood. On the positive side, isn’t this bear bread the cutest bread ever! 18767342_10212857504063565_2060208502_o (2)

On another note. We went out to do some ministry this week as well. We were able to go to the slums and play with some precious children. Sorry pictures can not include these precious gems (at least their faces) but we did get some awesome pictures of the area.


This chicken is by far the smallest one I have ever seen.




18745320_10212857501183493_2023075227_o (2)
Watching Joshua play with this young man-PRICELESS

There are many moments I wish I could share with you. But if I did, I would write a book. I leave you with a few final thoughts.

  1. It is HOTTER than HOT!! (I’ve never sweated so much in my life)
  2. Never say NO to God. (HIS plan is always the best)
  3. Live for an audience of the ONE! (He is ALWAYS watching)

We love you all. Until next time.

Follow HIM!

-Joshua and Tina DuBois




Welcome to May

The Countdown has begun…

7…the number of days left in our house.

So ready to be out of the house.
Packing is so much work!


10…days until GRADUATION!


Joshua – Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
(Cognate Discipleship & Church Ministry)
Tina – Bachelor of Science in Religion
(Cognate Christian Counseling)
Jerry – Associate of Arts in Religion


19…is the number of days until the adventure begins.

Mixed emotions (mainly for Tina)


10,083 MILES

Tickets – Travel plans

It is hard for me to believe that in 34 days Joshua and I will be on a plane heading towards Thailand. We have 5 planes, 48 hours of travel time, 25 hours of flying time and over 10,000 miles to travel. Joshua and I are overwhelmed by the way doors keep opening for our trip. We are so thankful for all you who are praying for us.


feat-visa-thailandMonday morning Joshua and I dropped our Visa applications in the mail! This is exciting news ya’ll. You can visit Thailand without a visa if you are staying under 30 days. We need Visa’s which means we while be staying a while (at least 2 years). I have a hard time envisioning how long we will be there, so that part is totally up to the Lord.

International Drivers License


Yep- we are got these. In Thailand they drive on the left, yes you read that right. Please be praying for us. We’ve driven on the left before, that is not what worries me. Driving in Thailand is a different kind of driving.


You can watch a short video here about driving in Thailand

Home – We have a home!

Here are just a few pictures of our home for when we get to Thailand. The great thing is we will be able to travel from the airport to our home.


Prayers are always needed. We have a lot of moving parts going on and travel about to take place. The kids are staying behind for a bit (get caught up here: Last News Letter) but will be joining us in August. We have not met our goal for partnership yet (but God never fails). The Lord is GOOD and He will always see us through.

Joshua and I have been reading Relentless by John Bevere for over a year now. This book has much meat in it that we need time to digest. Last night we read something that shook me to the core. I’m going to share it with you.  Joshua and I are confident that we are acting in the will of God! Until next, we love you and value you all.

Prayer and faith without corresponding action is nothing other than religious exercise and a waste of time. To be fervent in prayer means your heart, mind, soul, and body are determined to receive, and you act accordingly. Because you are confident that you are acting in God’s will, you refuse to take no for an answer.

-John Bevere

God Bless,

Joshua and Tina DuBois